Hi I’m Kathleen, a 40-year-old professional web and graphic designer from Northern California with a passion for all things food.

Foodiddy came about as a result of my blogging friend giving me the nickname over 3 years ago. I have the embroidered PJ’s to prove it. We were sitting on the couch talking about doing something different with our blogs and ideas just started flying around.

I’ve been blogging for over 7 years, but knew it was time to reinvent myself. I went through a lot of really emotional stuff on my other blog. The death of a spouse, dealing with grief, dieting, food and exercise demons, meeting someone new, remarrying, etc. and it was time to move in a different direction from all of that. I wanted to be able to share this blog with everyone in my life. I’m going for a little lighter content…no Fluffy McFluff…but not spilling my guts out for the world to see either.

Ready. Set. Go….let’s turn this mutha’ out. It’s time to dive back into my passion for cooking, living a healthy life and trying new things. I’m finally ready.


  1. Nice launch Foodiddy……..chip off the old block…….I wish.

  2. This is great reading….and the receipes look fun. Of course I recognize some of them from the past. Have fun with it and keep up the fun stuff.

  3. …. from a longtime fan – congrats on the new chapter – good for you!

  4. This is fantastic! I can’t wait to see more!

    • Thanks for stopping by Denise!

  5. Kathleen,

    I just got back from vacation and finally got around to checking out your blog. It is great! I am sorry to hear that you have had health issues. Hope all is now well.

    Kim Williams

    • Thanks Kim – feeling much better. Can’t wait for you to send some fabulous cocktail recipes.

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