O.N.E. Coconut Water

August 1, 2010

I was cruising through the grocery store mid-week and they were pimping this O.N.E. Coconut Water in the health food section of the store. I tried a sample that had a splash of mango and it was really good. I grabbed a couple of other flavors and was on my way. Several running bloggers have been talking about using coconut water to re-fuel during their runs. Now I’m not a distant runner by any means, but I have been knocking out some CRAZY miles on the new treadmill. I got back to it in early July. In 20 days I have covered just over 100 miles.  My two longest sessions have been 7.5 and 8 miles. I am doing run walk intervals with the higher percentage of miles going to walking. I’m really being cautious because I’m going for consistency, not injury. 

It has felt really great to get back into it. I have my DVR all set with light viewing pleasures – House Hunters International, Selling New York, Bang For Your Buck, Food Network Challenges, Chopped, Cupcake Wars, 24 Hr. Restaurant Battle, Diners Drive-ins and Dives and The Best Thing I Ever Ate. I tell myself that the reason I’m on the dang treadmill is so I can enjoy “The Best Thing I Ever Ate” type foods.

Today was a 7 miler. I stopped just short of jumping into the pool. I grabbed a O.N.E with a splash of pink guava and it was the perfect recovery drink. My legs felt like Jello.

Reading from the side of the drink – O.N.E. Coconut Water with a splash of pink guava is a blend of the natural water from inside a young green coconut and mouth-watering pink guava juice. It has five essential electrolytes, more potassium than a banana, no fat, no cholesterol and no preservatives.

There were 78 calories in the one serving. 0g fat, 0mg cholesterol, 128 mg. of sodium, 302 mg potassium, .5g fiber, 18.8g carbs and 0.8 g protein.

I sometimes make a smoothie in the evening and end up having that for dinner, but this was a refreshing change. It’s definitely better for me than the 2 pitchers of margaritas my girlfriends and I enjoyed by the pool yesterday 😉 gotta indulge sometimes. I think the non-stop laughter and fun was just what the doctor ordered.

I’m off to my bro’s birthday celebration BBQ.



  1. Two pitchers huh? I guess it’ll only be water for you this PM…;-)

  2. Hmmmmm… I don’t know. 7 miles seems like a distance runner to me, even if you are run/walking! I haven’t tried coconut water yet as I haven’t seen it in the stores in my small Midwest town. I have tried chocolate milk and LOVE it!

    • Like I said to Aim… more of a distance fast walker – I honestly don’t run for more than a 1/4 mile at a time and even that sucks, hah! Congrats on your recent 7 mile run, super inspiring to me!

  3. I’ve been tempted to try the coconut water to drink after a really strenuous workout. Thanks for the review. And, drinking margaritas poolside with a couple of good friends sounds like a perfect summer afternoon!

    • Yep – summer-time fun for sure!

  4. I have to agree with The Girl w/the Pink Sneakers…I think you are a distant runner even though you are run/walking. You are doing great, Kath. The coconut water sounds very interesting… may have to see if that’s near a store here in MI.

    • It’s more of a fast distance walker… LOL. If you try the water, let me know.

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