Foo’s Cucumber and Shrimp Bites

July 16, 2010

I’ve been trying to come up with fun ideas for my lunches. I think I’ve already mentioned this, but for any new readers – I go home for lunch every day. I have the luxury of working only a few miles from my house. I get to spend time with Higgy, save money and eat healthier – it’s a win, win.

The problem is that I keep running out of clever ideas. I stopped buying frozen meals when I started this blog and my time is limited. I came up with something yesterday that will definitely be in my weekly rotation –  not to mention, an awesome appetizer idea for parties.

A girlfriend introduced me to a shrimp dip at one of her holiday parties. I decided to make it this morning so I could have something new for lunch. The cans had just been sitting in the pantry for months. She serves the shrimp mixture on a plate surrounded by crackers. I wanted to go veggie, so I played off my love of sushi.


2 Cans of Shrimp – I used Geisha Tiny Shrimp – never had canned shrimp until trying the dip
2 Stalks Celery – finely chopped
3 Green Onions – white and green parts
2 Tablespoons Light Mayo
Several shakes of Garlic Powder
Salt and Pepper to taste

You want to drain and then rinse the shrimp. I set mine between paper towels to dry. I added all of my ingredients and then gave it a good stir. 2 Tablespoons of mayo doesn’t seem like enough, but you want a chunky texture – you don’t want it to be wet like tuna can get.

I then peeled and sliced a cucumber, added salt and pepper to the cucumber slices, put a spoonful of the mixture on top and then drizzled a spicy island ponzu dipping  sauce on each one. (Two Sisters Gourmet by Partylite – my friend Michelle sells it and I love the taste and thickness, it’s awesome!)

Super low calorie – 200 calories for both cans of the shrimp, 60 for the mayo, 20 for the ponzu sauce, and if you’re a Weight Watcher – the cucumber is free right? Hah! – less than 20 calories for that. My serving size was 10 – because 9 fit on the plate and I had to test one with sauce before I did them all.  I have lots of the shrimp mix left in the fridge – one batch could easily make a tray of 20-25 depending how generous you get with the mixture. That makes them right around 15 calories each.

Yay for me – I stepped away from my slicer. Can’t wait to come up with other new lunch items.



  1. Yummy! you are so creative, Kath…. I have lots of cucumbers from my parents garden. I will definitely make this this weekend and give it a whirl!

    • I wish your parents garden was close to me, hah! I think you will really like them Aim, super light and yummy!

  2. Those look delicious and very refreshing for hot weather! Would work well with lump crab too!

    • Definitely, it would be like the crab salad filling in my favorite sushi rolls. I know they have canned crab in the same brand, but like you, I’d probably go fresh for that version.

  3. I am going to a BBQ tomorrow and was struggling with what to bring. I have had that shrimp dip and it is YUMMY, so this would be a perfect appetizer to take to the BBQ. Now you just need some masago to put on top! lol… 🙂

  4. Great looking lunch idea, I will definitely try this one out, maybe it will help us beat this 114 degree weather ;o)

  5. This is going to sound crazy, but I think this recipe was in my dream last night. Well, not the exact one, but definitely the shrimp dip. I think I brought it to someones house, but instead being on cucumbers, it was inside wanton wrappers. I’m guessing they were fried, but the only picture in my head is of me putting the mixture onto a doughy-rectangular shaped thing and folding it.

    Very very strange.

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