Zucchini Pasta

June 18, 2010

The last few weeks have been filled with carb loaded goodness, but it was time to start introducing veggies back into my world. I am feeling better now that the antibiotics are out of my system. Still not 100%, but my appetite is coming back and I’m once again excited about meal planning and cooking for the blog.

My parents got me a huge basket full of foodie heaven for my birthday. The bottom of the basket was lined with beautiful linens passed down from my grandparents. My Mom thought they would be fun to use in some of the photos, I agree. I also got some of the utensils and gadgets that I wished for on the blog,  a couple of cool books that I’ll talk about in another post, an awesome nutmeg grinder, a collapsible salad spinner and my new favorite kitchen gadget – World Cuisine’s Tri-Blade Plastic Vegetable Slicer.

The Slicer comes with three blades. They are shaped like pieces of bread and just slide right into the machine. The instructions that come with the slicer are pretty limited, but they do define the type of cut each blade makes.

The Simple Ingredients:

1-1.5 Zucchini per person/serving
Garlic and Parmesan infused oil  – One of my readers (Yuba John) gave me a small bottle of his home-brew  made  with sage, garlic, parsley, hot red pepper and chunked Parmesan infused extra virgin olive oil – Thanks John it was a killer addition to this recipe.
Garlic – I ended up not using my bulb, I used 2 cubes of Dorat crushed garlic from Trader Joe’s – found in the frozen section
Salt and Ground Pepper
Lemon Juice – not pictured – a few squeezes of my plastic fake lemon – hah!
Parmesan (Shredded as a topping)

First step: I selected the right blade and got my zucchini loaded into the torture contraption.

I suctioned the machine to the granite, chopped off both ends of the zucchini, pushed it onto the blade peg and brought the spikes closer. I then used the bottom lever to apply pressure while I turned the crank handle.

It was magic! I’m not joking when I say I seriously started jumping up and down in my kitchen. It was so easy to use and the zucchini noodles were coming out perfect! You can see the beginning of the circular core in the above photo.

Some of the noodles were over a foot long.  I ended up snacking on the core while I got my non-stick pan heated up. I added my zucchini noodles to the oil and added salt and pepper and a few splashes of lemon juice. I tossed the noodles for a good 2-3 minutes and when they started to turn the slightest bit translucent, I took them off the heat and put them into a bowl.

I topped the noodles with fresh Parm and WOW! I can’t even explain how awesome they tasted. My mind started racing thinking about the possibilities. Marinara sauce, teriyaki sauce – I can’t wait to try different combos. I will be adding this to my weekly rotation. I bet if you peeled the zucchini, added pasta sauce with ground turkey or ground beef, your kids could barely tell the difference. The texture is amazing! – it’s the green that gives it away as being a veggie.

I’m almost bummed that we have plans for the next 3 days – I want to spiral cut the entire produce section from my local grocery store. Thanks Mom and Dad for my wonderful birthday present, I love it!

Hope you all have a great weekend, it’s Friday – Woohoo!



  1. You’re welcome Foo…..we’re so glad that this new addition to your “tools” worked so well. We look forward to sharing some of the results…..Love, Pod.

    • The slicer combined with the other gadgets you got will make for some awesome 4th of July cooking/creating/eating… can’t wait to share. Love ya Pod!

  2. Glad you liked it honey……..and better yet, glad you are beginning to enjoy food again. Great to have you back.

    Lots of hugs, Mommers

    • Me too! Eating bland food isn’t fun. trust me, there was no jumping up and down in the kitchen when heating soup. 😉 hugs back at ya Mommers.

  3. Ooh I want one! I might have to ask my parents for one for my b-day next month!

    I’ve done the broccoli slaw as a noodle in a marinara sauce and I really liked it. So I would imagine the zucchini would be awesome.

    Glad you are feeling better.

    • Thanks Paige! For sure put one on your b-day list, it’s fabulous…much better than the slaw, really tasted like noodles, could actually twirl them on the fork and everything.

  4. Okay, now I totally need this contraption – I’ve had that “pasta” before, at RFD (Real Food Daily) in LA, and LOVED it, but couldn’t figure out how to get that shape. Over the past few years I’ve taken to using a vegetable peeler to create zucchini “ribbons” which are also awesome, but I do want to try to get that spaghetti shape!

    It is also really good sauteed with EVOO, garlic, ff feta, pine nuts… or topped with some balsamic vinagrette!


    • Ooh, feta, pine nuts and balsamic… Have all 3! Thanks for the suggestion Jess!

  5. What a wonderful new machine. I can just see you jumping around in your kitchen watching the noodles dance out of the machine!!

    • Yep, jumping around like a little kid. Little Kai would have loved to watch it. Can’t wait to show Abby!

  6. This looks good. I’m sure it’s good. However, I am disturbed.

  7. Perfect gift for you! It looks so yummy.

  8. Glad you liked the oil. Need some squash?

  9. Awesome! I love this!

  10. Very cool! I think that I might have to get one of those!

  11. Oh my! I totally want one!!!!

    • It really is a ton of fun, can’t wait to try my next veggie.

  12. […] ahead and ingredients don’t get purchased. I had some yellow squash and since I had only used my slicer with zucchini, I thought I’d give it a try. I ended up slicing 1 large yellow squash with […]

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