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May 6, 2010

Having a husband that occasionally eats 3 McDonald’s cheeseburgers and 2 McDonald’s baked apple pies* for lunch…I need to get a little creative for weekend lunches to keep the boy fed.

*Dan has been on a search to find the deep-fried pies they used to sell – he actually found a website that talked about the smaller McDonald’s having them due to space issues – they use the deep fryers to cook them…one day, victory will be his!

While I try my hardest to eat pretty healthy, a few comfort food/family recipes still find their way into the rotation. Ace’s Mom and Dad used to make “Meat Cups” for the boys and their simple recipe got passed along to me.

I made them as an appetizer for a block party a few years back and all of my drunk neighbors gobbled them up. I have to say, it is the perfect “drunk food”

For appetizers, I use my small muffin pans – 24 muffins…but this past weekend I wanted more of a lunch sized portion, heavier on the filling…

The ingredients include:
1 lb. lean ground beef (I have substituted ground turkey and shredded chicken before with excellent results)
BBQ Sauce – Sweet Baby Ray’s has become an easy favorite (I’ve made my own BBQ sauce as well)
Refrigerated Biscuits – I usually use the Pillsbury Grand Biscuits and cut them into 4’s for the smaller muffin pan. This time I used Pillsbury Grands! Jr – Golden Layers – Buttermilk, any brand will do…or you can use pizza dough or make your own.
Shredded Cheddar Cheese – Tillamook is my favorite – I definitely prefer using cheese I’ve shredded myself, pre-shredded doesn’t melt right.
Garlic – to taste
Salt and Pepper to taste

Sidenote: Speaking of Garlic – Trader Joe’s carries Dorot – a frozen crushed garlic – I often use it mid-week when I’m pressed for time. They also have frozen herbs by the same brand. LOVE them! Just pop em’ out and put the rest back in the freezer for later.

So the first step is to preheat the oven to the instructions on the biscuits. It varies depending what brand or kind you use. You then need to brown the ground beef with  salt, pepper and garlic. Once the meat has been browned and drained…add your BBQ sauce. Eyeball the amount of BBQ Sauce. I probably used a cup for the 1lb. of ground beef. You want the meat to be coated really well.

Using a non-stick muffin pan – flatten out your biscuit dough and place into each individual muffin hole. If you don’t have non-stick, I would definitely spray or coat the pan, so you can easily get them out.

You then add the meat into the biscuit cup…

and top with the shredded cheese – Like I said above, I used cheddar…but have used jack and mozzarella – just depends what your other ingredients are.

Slide them into the oven – when using the smaller muffin pan, you really need to watch them. They cook much faster.

I made sea salt oven fries for Dan and a spring mix salad for me. While we don’t have these very often, they sure are a great comfort food and substitute for Dan’s obsession with fast food lunches. He definitely prefers the smaller appetizer size, makes it easier to eat one after another.

Combos that would be good – ground turkey, chicken or beef, marinara and mozzarella – ground turkey, chicken or beef, taco seasoning or chili seasoning and sharp cheddar…the possibilities are endless and kids have loved them.



  1. Yum! Looks good to me!

  2. I’ve made chicken mini pot pies this way. Those biscuits are perfect for little cups like this. My boys love when I make them. I will dig up the recipe and give it to you if you are interested. Super easy to make, too. I found it on the WW board years ago.

    Gonna have to try this meat cup one for the boys soon! Yum!

  3. Hail to the white trash comfort food! You have mentioned these on several occasions and I’ve always wanted to get the recipe. You are right, they would be great to soak up alcohol the night of, or even help cure a hangover the morning/afternoon after!

  4. Dan sounds like Mr. Darcy. That boy can eat up the fast food (while it makes me hurl at even the thought). I remember my Mom used to make stuffed buns- she’d take big, round dinner rolls and stuff them with some ground meat cooked with some kind of creamy sauce. They were always a hit at my parent’s parties. But then again, my dad was the bartender and he poured really stiff cocktails. 😉

    I love those frozen garlic/herb things from TJs!

  5. Thanks, Kat..

    I will definately make those.. They look fab. Can you tell me how did you make the sea salt fries for Dan? That sounds pretty cool too.. Love readind your food blog..Thanks for sharring

    • Hi Tina! While I would love to say I have the time to make French fries the old fashioned way…does not happen very often. Dan really likes the Alexia brand Yukon Gold Julienne Fries with Sea Salt frozen ones…super easy and actually pretty good. They have a great sweet potato fry too.

  6. I would like to put this on my request list for TV night! 😉

  7. My mom made these with the girls and they loved them. Thanks for reminding me of them. I think they will be back in rotation. Loving your new blog. The pic are so beautiful!

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