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May 4, 2010

So I have a slightly small obsession with salad dressing. Store bought, make my own, I pretty much love salad dressing. I’m about to unveil the ridiculous number of dressings I currently have housed in my fridge door. When on South Beach a year or more ago, I happened upon these delights:

Galeo’s – Their slogan is “One taste and you’re hooked for life” – yep…I pretty much cry when the Nugget is out of stock.  Oh my god how I love me some low-fat miso…What? You don’t get all hot and bothered over salad dressing? 

Miso Sesame is my favorite. With only 22 Calories per tablespoon, 2 grams of fat, 0.5 grams of carbs and the shocking low 35mg of sodium…it’s MONEY! Totally worth ordering online if you don’t have some overpriced/stuffy market nearby.

Mr. Trader Joe’s Champagne Pear Vinagrette also worked its way into the photo – it’s a sweet pear and gorgonzola dressing – shelf life isn’t too long, so I only buy it on occasion…when I have tasty pears on hand. I like a variety…I want to be able to have a different dressing daily if possible. I pretty much eat a salad for lunch on most days.

Next up…Girard’s – I’ve been in love with their Light Champagne since forever. My Mom used to use the full fat version and I found the light version and it was a perfect substitute, still fabulous taste and fewer calories and fat. 

To my surprise….I found 3 additional flavors at the grocery store this past weekend. Apple Poppyseed, Light Raspberry (Love their full fat Raspberry and this one is another perfect substitution) and Peach Mimosa. I got home from the store, whipped out my container of spring mix and started taste testing. I loved both the Apple Poppyseed and the Peach Mimosa…gotta find the right salad fixings for those puppies. Any ideas or perfect combos you can think of? I’ve already used the Light Raspberry on a spring mix, goat cheese, walnut and fresh raspberry salad – Yum!

In the homemade dept. I got a really cool Bonjour salad dressing container/mixer  for Christmas from a girlfriend. She also got me the Salad Dressing 101 book and I’ve been mixing up a storm ever since. I often make the following simple dressing:

Maple Mustard Dressing
1/2 Cup Olive Oil
3 Tablespoons Dijon Mustard
3 Tablespoons Apple Cider Vinegar
2 Tablespoons Maple Syrup – use the good stuff!
1 1/2 Teaspoon Salt

I usually cut down on the Dijon a bit…but overall, it’s great when I’m feeling that I need a change from my other 27 bottles.

The crazy thing…Dan pretty much only likes Thousand Island dressing…

Nothing beats a lunch time salad by the pool with my latest catalog…love me some home decor catalogs. Today’s salad consisted of mixed greens, radishes, tomatoes, asparagus, green onion, feta and pecans…I used the balsamic from my handy-dandy Bonjour container. I teamed that with a Thomas’s Everything Bagel Thin with Laughing Cow Light Cheese. Mah belly is happy.

Now it’s back to work for me.



  1. I heart Girard’s…gonna have to investigate where I can find those other dressings. I like lots of variety as well. The boys are basic with their love of Ranch or Thousand Island.

    Sitting on your patio at lunch…by the pool and having that wonderful salad looks wonderful!

    I think this blog is going to make me hungry each time I read it!

    • What’s your favorite Girard’s? I love the Chinese Chicken Salad and Spinach and Bacon too…just not so great in the calorie/fat dept. Good luck on your hunt for the others. They seemed pretty reasonable online, I pay $5.99 at the snobalicious market.

      • The light Caesar is the one I’ve really enjoyed. I’m going to get the raspberry one this weekend when I go grocery shopping. They are expensive even at the grocery store. I think anything good for you these days is damn expensive….how sad, isn’t it? I wish fruit and veggies were on sale more like the fatty frozen meal deals we always see…

  2. love the new blog, thanks for sharing the URL… i love it when there’s a fresh look to something – can’t wait to keep reading! =)

    • Yes…like the awesome FRESH LOOK your blog just got….congrats Jodi…I’m just so happy for you and Eric.

  3. Hi Foo!
    I use to read your other blog and just wanted you to know I’ll be adding this one to my Google Reader! I think I’ve been reading you for about 8 years!

    • Super excited to try some of the things you’ve shared on your blog, thanks for stopping by the new digs!

  4. OMG! I can’t wait to follow you foo! This is right up my alley since I love to cook and try out new recipes. I’m glad that you are putting your Bonjour and 101 cookbook to good use. What an awesome gift…(lol….since I’m the one that gave it to you!) (confession: I scanned the book before giving it to you and wrote down the Maple Dijon one and LOVE IT too!)

    Note to self….do not read right before meal time. The lunch that I have stuffed into my lunch sack no longer sounds as appealing, but it will suffice now that I’m salivating!

    Nugget has the Girard’s on sale this weekend only for 1.99 each which is an awesome deal! I’ll race you there…. 😉

    • Can’t wait to see what creations we can come up with!

  5. Just delurking to say thanks for the blog address! I definitely plan to keep reading, and I LOVE the delicious recipes. That bacon/potato salad looks awesome.

    • Hi Jenny…thanks for delurking, glad you’re going to keep reading 🙂

  6. FOOOO! So good to see you here, and making a fresh start. I just didn’t wanna see you GO!!

    I’m excited you’re talking about your food exploits. I want so badly to eat salads, but I’m a PICKY salad dressing eater. I can’t seem to find anything in a jar that I like. I’m trying to find the perfect recipe. :0)

    Post some of the salad ideas too, m’kay?


  7. I’m totally delurking to say…oh waiiit, not a lurker! I think we need more than one date night a week what with all this delciousness you’re cooking up in Diddyland!

  8. Love the new blog and the photos! The food looks amazing and makes me hungry! I must confess I probably have 12 different bottles of salad dressing too–looking forward to trying a few you suggested!

    • 12 bottles = hero status 😉 glad you stopped by.

  9. Oooooo… This blog is such a super great idea! And with my love of food I can wait to get together and concoct delights. Thanks for sharing the your blog!


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